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The American People Deserve Better

by on Jan.29, 2015, under Politics

It is iinsulting to listen to Presidential spokespeople lie and obfuscate day in and day out. If we really believed “dont tread on me” we would throow the bums out!

Case in point … Are the Taliban terrorists? No , they say, they are an armed insurgency. So dealing with them is not negotiating with terrorists. Stupid answer and obiously wrong.

So today , the senior Whitehouse spokesperson is asked the same question: are the Taliban terrorists? Well some of their actions are “akin to terrorism.” Wait a minute? Akin to terrorism, but not terrorists? Please America, we are being lied to, misled, taken for morons. When will the media realize that these people are not fit to run a country?

Day in and day out they lie to protect a regime that is totally incompetent and leading the country to disaster. We react in horror when we see picures of Soviet and Nazi apologists lying for their regimes. How different is what is happening today ? They lie to our faces and we are supposed to take it? I am tired of the lies. We need courageous people to challenge them . Every one of them is lying these days. Where is their integrity? Where is their honor? Sadly, those ae virtues of a time long gone… or at least missing in this adminsitration.

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The Assets

by on Jan.28, 2015, under Entertainment, Intelligence / National Security

Just finished watching a series on Netflix called the Assets. Wow. Talk about incredible TV. It is a nine part series on the hunt for the CIA traitor ALdrich Ames in the eigthies and nineties. It is based on the true story of two women who led the hunt for the mole in the Agency after many of the Agencie’s assets were killed in the Soviet Union. Friends, I could not stop watching. It was gripping, shocking and tragic all at once. It portrays determination, bureaucratice ineptness, and cold blooded betrayal. I guarantee it is a show you will not soon forget.

As an added bonus, at the end of the series, episode nine is an interview with the two women who led the hunt as well as an interview with ALdrich Ames and his wife from prison. This man had the deaths of many good people on his hands. The fact that he did not get the death penalty still bothers me. When you watch a series like this you are comforted that there are good people defending America. Sadly , there are also traitors willing to sell us all out for thirty pieces of silver.

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Leadership is not CYA

by on Jan.27, 2015, under Politics

So the expected storm of the century in New York was not the storm of the century or of the decade and maybe not even the year. In preparation for this the Mayor shut down subways, trains and highways, leaving countless people staanded without the piublic transportation they need so desperately.

Now I can see issuing an emergency when an emergency occurs, but I have learned years ago that the first forecast or assessment is usually wrong. It is true with Critic messages in the Pentagon as it is with weather forecasters. Was the mayor being prudent? Yes; but look at the cost. Was it CYA? Certainly. If something bad had happened he wouild have been blamed. Was it worth the cost? questionable.

DeBlasio is a typical liberal mayor, the nanny state will take care of everything. Forget individual freedom. I disagree. He should have waited untill an emergency had occurred. The preemptive shut down of public transoprtation was unnecessary and unneeded. This is not the first time NY has seen snow and it wont be the last. When will he shut down the city again? Questionable calls Mr Mayor.

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